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AgriOne Farms

AgriOne is sourced as a revolution in the modern era of agriculture and the distribution of agri products to the world markets.

Riceone Food Corp

RiceOne Food Corp is a world class leading rice manufacturer and exporter in india, We are increasing our focus as a brand-centric rice company, a strategy which is expected to result in improved margins and valuation over the time as we build our well-loved brands


GlobalOne Exports

Global One is a one step product solution which satisfies the requirement of agriculture and allied products all over the world, since then emerging as the largest export network, Global One aims to maintain quality standards for every product that exports.


Aquaone Seafoods

Aquaone seafood is one of the emerging seafood company in south India. A wide range of seafood being exported to major countries .

Business Solutions 

RaOne Business Solutions

RaOne Business Solutions  provides end to end  business solutions for the startup, mid-scale companies and export oriented business.