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Responsibility for the society & Environment 

We at RaOne group understand this and have invested and initiated in various activities that focus on our sustainability. From the Health, Safety and Environment perspective, to bringing about inclusive development in the rural and urban landscapes where we have our presence through our CSR arm, RaOne welfare organisations, the RaOne group keenly adopts processes and technology that boost sustainability of our group. 

Organic waste converter from canteens and residential areas makes manure out of waste, sewage treatment plants through aerobic digestion, desalination plants, recycling of solid waste to prevent increase in landfills, to recover things of any value, thereby saving resources and energy. And what cannot be recycled is destroyed through the waste destruction machine at all our sites. 

As an environmentally responsible and sensitive company, we have put in place several measures to mitigate negative impact on the environment along with several proactive and protective measures. We undertake mangrove preservation, terrestrial greening in all our ports, 100% fly-ash capture and export through world class bagging facilities in all our power plants. 

The CSR arm operates in four chosen areas of Agriculture, Farmer welfare, Education, Healthcare, Rural Infrastructure and Sustainable Livelihood to bring about progress and prosperity in the communities we impact. 

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